General terms of sale

1. Without prejudice to the applicability of any special conditions which
take precedence over current terms and conditions, all sales, works,
supplies and services are implemented under the conditions set out below.
These terms and conditions have right of way over the purchase conditions
of the customer.
2. The information contained in our brochures, website and documentation is
without obligation concerning both the models, the prices quoted and the delivery period of
the goods and / or services offered. The agreement only comes into being with the
signature of a document by both parties. All orders through an intermediary
must be confirmed directly by the seller to the buyer.

 3. The stated delivery periods are only valid for indicative purposes.
Exceedance of the anticipated delivery period under no circumstances can
terminate the purchase agreement. The postponement or non-delivery
can not, moreover, be a cause for the creation of a right to compensation
of the buyer.
4. The goods are sold and received in our warehouses. The goods
sent with whatever means of transport, always travel at risk and responsibility
of the buyer, even if we are responsible for the delivery with our own resources
and at our own expense.
5. Complaints due to visible defects must be submitted by registered letter and
motivated by the buyer within 8 days of delivery. Defective goods can only be
sent back after written agreement with SINNFOORT and always travel at the
expense and risk of the buyer. Complaints due to hidden defects must be submitted
by registered letter and motivated with clear indication of the defects.
The parties agree that the short term referred to in Article 1648 B W, or inother applicable
provisions is set at at 6 months from the date of the delivery.
6. Unless otherwise agreed, the invoices are payable in cash
at SINNFOORT, net and without discount. In case of non-payment on the
due date is automatically and without notice, a conventional interest of
1,25% per month or per portion of the month due.
In the event of non-payment of an invoice or part of the invoice on the due date,
the debt balance is also increased by law and without notice
by 15%, as lump-sum compensation, with a minimum of € 75 and a maximum
of 2,000 €. A complaint of any kind can not be invoked by the buyer as
reason for suspension or postponement of payment.
7. All collection and protest costs of an accepted or not accepted bill are
at the expense of the buyer.
SINNFOORT does not renounce any of the above and withdrawing a bill never
applies as debt renewal.
8. In case the buyer fails to pay the goods or services delivered or
in one way or another does not fulfill his obligations SINNFOORT, without prior
notice can cancel the order or the entire contract by notifying the buyer through
a mail or registered letter.
SINNFOORT reserves the right to cancel undelivered / non-executed orders
or suspend execution as long as previous deliveries are not paid.
9. The goods delivered to the buyer remain the property of SINNFOORT up to the
moment of full payment. The buyer commits himself not to sell or pledge goods as long
as they are owned by SINNFOORT
In case of non-compliance with this prohibition, a supplementary flat-rate compensation will be paid
of 50% of the sale price. If the merchandise is sold anyway, the right to the resulting
selling price will replace that of the delivered goods. The buyer bears, from the beginning
of the agreement, risk of damage, destruction and disappearance.
10..The agreement is executed at the registered office of the seller.
Belgian law applies
All disputes belong exclusively to the courts of the
judicial district of SINNFOORT.
Additional conditions for the delivery of counters and showcases:

Delivery / Shipping costs:
- Orders for counters are delivered from Sinnfoort.
- Delivery costs for counters, glass showcases and other glass products on request.
- Installation costs modular counter at extra cost.
- Delivery on a higher floor at extra cost